Thursday, 28 December 2017

This is my summer learning journey hope you enjoy!

Hi there, this is my first week of my summer learning journey. I think I have done well on it and the way I am going to post is all of my work is going to be on one slide presentation. So you have to go to the start of the week to see all the work I have done that week, I hope you enjoy bye and happy blogging ;)

Friday, 17 November 2017

My Writing goals come check it out!

Hey everybody I'm Dakota and today I posted my writing goals for this term. So recently we did a writing test and I got a 3p I'm proud of that because I'm a year 6 and that is where a year 6 is suppose to be ( is well as a 3a). I need to work on my punctuation because sometimes I don't put some punctuation in the correct place and spelling I need to do more better words then easy words. So I would like to see your comments down below bye and happy blogging (:

Friday, 27 October 2017

Come check out my opinion on "Should all children get pocket money".

So this is my opinion on "Should all children get pocket money"
I picked disagree because I feel like children would just waist it when your parents can be using it.
I hope you enjoy and maybe next week I will post another one of my writing

'Should all children get pocket money’

Planning: My reasons, why I agree or disagree ( you will pick only 3)
I disagree They might just want money so they can prove to people they have their parents that can use it.
Secondly Because some people just want money to buy things they don’t need.
Thirdly their parents need money to buy food/water and also pay for power, water, their house, and any other bills.


Title of your exposition
I am adamant that children should not get money!
-Start with a Rhetorical Question
-state your opinion
-give your 3 reasons why you think this
Would you like kids arguing over money? I strongly disagree because they will try bribing you to give them more money than they need. If they keep on doing jobs all your money will be gone. Since it’s all gone they won’t get payed then they won’t do jobs ever again but if you don’t give them money they will learn that you have to do them even if you don’t get money because that’s just how life works. Above that also they will spend it on things they don’t need, they can save it to prove to people they have money and lastly their parents need money to pay bills.
Point 1
Expand on your first reason. Why do you think this? Why is it important?

Firstly I powerfully disagree think that if you don’t give your children pocket money from doing jobs they will learn it’s not all about money when you're a kid. But if you do they will go to school and take their money with them to show off and make people feel sad because their not getting pocket money from doing jobs. Also they might not get any money because their parents are having trouble financially and they bring that back and make them feel sad and that they never want to come back to school ever again. Because school is suppose to be fun but when someone or  some people do that it is not nice because you don’t know what’s going on in their personal  life.
Point 2
Expand on your second reason.

Secondly I strongly think that even if your children don’t show off with their money. Maybe they don’t have money because they spent it all on lollies, fizzy drinks, pies, sausage rolls or any other junk food when you or your parents can be spending it on bills, food/water, clothes or other things you need. Also well were talking about food, when they go grocery shopping they can actually buy proper food instead of junk food. Even though if you go down town and you think well it’s alright because it’s only $1 dollar for a packet or $50 cents you can still get rotten teeth, losing money even worse diabetes because you’ve had too much sugar and you had a bad diet.
Point 3
Expand on your third reason.

Finally I valid that if you get pocket money for doing jobs your parents can be using that to pay power, water, the house you’re living in or any other bills. Did you know that if they keep giving money to you just for a job that when you get older you’ll have to do and you won’t get payed for doing. They will have no money left and you have probably spent all your money by the time your parents have ran out of money. Since that they don’t have any money you will lose everything like your house money for food/water, bed, things to do your hair, brush your teeth, trips to go places and things like that. Now you're living on the streets or maybe with someone else like a friend or and family member.
Restate your opinion and why
You might recommend something for the reader to do or think. Why should they think the same as you?
So the message I’m trying to give you is you don’t need money to be famous and you don’t need to be famous the only thing you need is your family. So I strongly think your parents should not give you pocket money for doing jobs because you never know. Because in the future things are gonna probably get more expensive than things are already are. So no more getting pocket money for doing jobs just do them without getting money.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Hianki and takakau

        This is mine and my friends hinaki and takakau project. We had made hinaki at school the the next day         we went and set our hinaki. One day we made takakau at school and we made one for our                           competition at school and one for us to eat.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tuna inquiry come check it out

I hope you like our tuna report eels are really interesting to learn about. Our class is learning about tuna(eel) for our tuna and takako challenge

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dakota: (Art)
I have been learning to
We had to choose a passion and I choose art and my friend ocean choose crafts so we asked whaea Verbena if we could partner up and she said yes so we did
Hard part : to make the diary and 90 second presentation.
The good part is : That me and my friend are working together and nearly finish diary, goal, 90 second presentation. It’s good that I’m working with Ocean because I am shy.
I can : Present this in a nice way with my friend
I need to : keep track of everything.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Anzac project hope you like it!!

So this is mine and my friends Anzac inquiry project. We have been working hard on this so and we have been learning how to write things into our own words that was hard for me because last year I would copy and paste I hope you like it.

Monday, 10 April 2017

My found poem check it out!

This is my found poem it is about mysterious week I hope you like it.

Should kids have to swim?

Should kids have to swim?

Do you want kids drowning in the pool?

Kids can die from drowning they could go and do there own thing and you being focus on the other kids that could drown and you won’t even notice. 3,536 fatal unintentional drowns (non-boating related) but 332 people die from boat accidents each year from drowning. About 5 people a day die from drowning do you want to be 1 of those 5 people. It is usually children 14 and younger that die from drowning.

1.What happens if a kid drowns
Firstly if a kid drowns it is very sad if it’s child or someone else’s because if it was someone else’s. It will be sad for there loss and if it was yours it will be even sadder because you lost a kid. But if save it in time you're really lucky because if you were at the beach and a big wave came and your child drowned when it came you won’t notice in time so be careful.

2.What doctors do
Doctors try really hard to save your child but if they don’t sadly they passed away and they go to the cemetery at a young age. But if they saved your kid that’s great because they are still alive only if every kid or person could stay alive. Because who wants someone to die because I don’t.
I want no one to die because it’s really really sad.

3.So this is why I think people shouldn’t have to swim

I think that everything that I write is what I think because it is really important to me to be safe anywhere and anytime. Because I like people being safe and secure like some people let their kids go to the deep end at the beach because you never know what's going to happen. So keep your kids safe at anytime and anywhere.

For me writing is hard every piece of work I do of writing I feel good when it's done. Sometimes I feel like can exsperess myself through writing.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Our passion

Me and ocean have been working on our passion were nearly finished were doing art. It has been challenging for us getting all of our task done.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sun hats writing

Should sun hats
Do you want to prevent yourself from getting melanoma?

New Zealand has the highest rate of melanoma. Over 4000 people are diagnosed with melanoma every year and 300 people a year die because of melanoma. It has lead up to 11 people a day diagnosed with it. Do you want to be one of 11 people diagnosed with melanoma? I agree that all kids in New Zealand should wear sun hats.

1.Fashion statement
Firstly I believe that every kid in New Zealand should wear sun hats. It’s not hard to wear a hat and hats are a fashion statement and you could rock anyway shape or form and you would rock it. It doesn't matter what you look like it’s just to protect you from getting melanoma.

2.Making hats for schools
Secondly I recon that you make better looking hats or hats for schools don’t have hats they would wear them. Well at my school some people don’t wear them because of the way it looks and looks on them. Which they shouldn’t care about especially if you're a boy and like to play sports and if it’s windy the hat will fly right off like it levitated away from your head.

3.What it will lead to
Finally if people don’t wear hats it will lead to skin cancer in other words melanoma. Which is a really unpleasant thing to get especially when you're only a kid. Because it can lead to people passing away and it will be sad if it was a loved one was really close to you. So wear your sunhat or a hat because no one wants melanoma well I don’t so always remember to wear a sunhat or sunscreen.
So we were learning how to write a introduction and our writing this week was sun hats so we all had to do it on sun hats. It was hard to think of synonyms for words so I struggled on that. Overall I like it and I hope you like it to.

Come check my New Zealander Jean Batten

So we did the same thing as the animal project. Write things into our own words except on New Zealanders. I picked Jean Batten she is quite interesting to me so here is my presentation hope you like it.

Friday, 17 March 2017

My animal project

The meaning behind this is to learn how to learn how to write things in our own words

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

About me

Hi I am Dakota,
I go to Kawakawa primary school and I'm in room 6 and I have a few friends in my class from last year. I am a year 6 this year and I am 9 turning 10. My goals this year is to get better with my all of the subjects manly art and try new things.